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Kunci Jawaban Peerless Scholar RoK Indonesia & English

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“Know thyself” was a widely-known aphorism of which country?Ancient Greece
“Man of Peace” is the nickname of which commander?Imhotep
“One hundred forty thousand all disarmed! Among these was there not a single man?” Which Tang-dynasty poet wrote this couplet?Madame Huarui
“Puncture Wounds” is the skill of which character in Ceroli Crisis?Astrid
“The end justifies the means” was a key belief of the author of “The Prince”. What was his name?Machiavelli
“Tongwancheng” was the capital of which ethnic group from ancient China?The Xiongnu
A decrease in which of the following metrics might indicate increasing nearness to a state of vacuum?Air pressure
A human fingernail is made of which material?Alpha-keratin
According to the tale of the She-wolf in Roman mythology, what came of the twins she nurtured, Romulus and Remus?Romulus became the founder and first King of Rome
Acquiring Commander William I unlocks which of these achievements?Path of Glory
Advantages of Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press include all of the following except what?Increase in church power
After a Venus Flytrap catches an insect, how does it digest and absorb the prey?The inner flaps of the leaves secrete a digestive fluid
After its foundation in the 6th century BCE, which institution of the Roman Republic served as a consultative parliament?The Senate
After the Lost Kingdom opens, what item do you have to spend to teleport to and from the Lost Kingdom?Random Teleport
Afterglow is caused by:Light scattering in air
Alliance help can NOT speed up which of the following activities?Troop training
Apart from “Number of Scouts” and “Power”, which of the following Scout Camp parameters can also be upgraded?Scout March Speed and Exploration Range
Apart from “Times You Can Be Helped” and “Power”, which of the following Alliance Center parameters can also be upgraded?Reinforcement Troop Capacity
As of the 2018 World Cup, how many times has Shakira performed at the World Cup closing ceremony?3
As of the 2018 World Cup, how many World Cups has Brazil won?5
As of the 2018 World Cup, what is the United State’s best ever World Cup result?Third place
As of the 2018 World Cup, which player holds the record for most goals scored in a single World Cup match with five goals?Oleg Salenko
As of the 2018 World Cup, who holds the record for most goals scored in the World Cup?Miroslav Klose
As of the 2018 World Cup, who holds the World Cup record for fastest goal scored at 11 seconds?Hakan Şükür
As of the 2022 World Cup, how many countries have won the World Cup?8
As of the 21st World Cup, who is the only player to have scored a hat-trick in 2 different World Cups?Gabriel Batistuta
Ashoka the Great was the King of which Ancient Indian kingdom?Maurya
Assuming the absence of any other special buffs, which of these commanders has the highest march speed?Belisarius
At what VIP level can you purchase a VIP Special chest that contains enough Hannibal Barca sculptures to awaken him?14
At which VIP level do you permanently unlock a second building queue?Lvl. 6
Black Forest Cake is a famous European dessert. In which country is the Black Forest from which it takes its name?Germany
Bossa nova is a popular genre of music originating from which country?Brazil
Broccoli is rich in which vitamin?Vitamin C
By what other name are Ceroli Chieftains Ak & Hok also known by?The Astral Twins
By what other name is October also known under Japan’s old calendar?Kannazuki
By what other name is the Ceroli Chieftain Wafura also known?Wolfshadow
Cactus spines are actually a modified form of which other part of the plant?Leaves
Champagne is a region in which country?France
Charles Macintosh crafted a very early version of a raincoat from which material?Rubber
China’s “crosstalk” sketch comedy format originates in three places: Tianqiao in Beijing, the Quanye Bazaar in Tianjin, and where in Nanjing?Fuzimiao
Combat Tactics is an important Military Technology – what effect does it have?Increases Attack of all units
Commander Björn Ironside’s “Viking Lord” skill benefits which of the following unit types?Infantry
Darwin’s last book primarily discussed which species’ influence on soil?Earthworms
Diego Velázquez, the painter of the realist work Portrait of Pope Innocent X, was from which country?Spain
During China’s Warring States Period, which state defeated the other six and built the unified Chinese empire?Qin
During the Renaissance, why was Florence significant?Birthplace and symbol of the Renaissance
During the Second Punic War, in which battle did a vastly outnumbered Hannibal defeat a Roman army?The Battle of Cannae
During the Trojan War, which Greek warrior killed Hector?Achilles
During the Upper and Lower Egypt period, what color was the crown of the pharaoh of Upper Egypt?White
During which emperor’s reign was the Roman Colosseum completed?Titus
During which season are nights relatively short and days relatively long?Summer
Edward VIII became King of England in January 1936. Later in the same year, in which month did he give up the throne?December
Egyptians made paper from which material?Papyrus
Egypt’s economy was primarily based on what?Agriculture
Elbe Day was the meeting of which two armies during World War II?USA, USSR
Equipment with special talent bonuses will have their attributes enhanced by what percentage when equipped to a commander with the corresponding talent?30%
Feijoada is considered a national dish of which country?Brazil
First created in Ancient Greece, to which profession does the Hippocratic Oath apply?Doctors
Fish and chips has its earliest origins in which country?England
Focaccia is a type of pizza-like bread. Which country (and its cooking culture) created the focaccia?Italy
Foie gras is a very nutrient-rich food. Which country produces the most foie gras?France
For how many francs did Charles V ransom Bertrand du Guesclin during the conflict over Brittany?100,000
For which disease did Edward Jenner, known as the father of immunology, develop a vaccine?Smallpox
France and Germany were both once part of what feudal Kingdom?Francia
French National Day is on July 14 in order to coincide with which historical event?Storming of the Bastille
From the 17th to 19th centuries, the Kingdom of Prussia was mostly in which modern country?Germany
From the 8th to the 11th century CE, what did Europeans frequently call the Scandinavian invaders who frequently ravaged their lands?Vikings
Galileo’s Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment overturned a theory of which Ancient Greek scientist?Aristotle
Governors cannot earn Activity Points through which of the following?Expeditions
Halley’s Comet can be observed from Earth every…75-76 years
Held in 1929, how long did the first Academy Awards (“Oscars”) ceremony take?15 minutes
Hieroglyphs were part of which country’s formal writing system?Ancient Egypt
Homer’s epic “The Iliad” focuses on events happening during which war or battle?The Trojan War
How do you get Alliance Technology Credits?By donating to research Alliance Technology
How do you get Alliance Technology Points?By donating to research Alliance Technology
How do you obtain the Friend of the Kingdom achievement?Visit 100 tribal villages
How high in the Sunset Canyon daily ranking do you need to place before you can receive the Golden Key Daily Rewards?In the top 5
How long did the Hundred Years’ War between England and France last?116 years
How long does the “Basic Army Expansion” boost last?4h
How long does the rune dropped by defeating the Guardians remain on the map?8 hours
How many “Golden Kingdom Equipment Troves” are contained within the Golden Chest earned from stage 16 of the “Golden Kingdom” event?3
How many arrows are stuck in the shield of commander Lohar?4
How many beasts can you expect to see fighting alongside Lvl 20 barbarian troops in Rise of Kingdoms1 bear and 2 wolves
How many bones does an adult human normally have?206
How many bowmen are shown practising in the Archery Range when training composite bowmen?3
How many cards in total are shown in the Mysterious Merchant’s hands?5
How many daily Activity Points do you need in “Lucerne Scrolls” to claim the Daily Gift clue reward?50
How many Easter eggs are featured in the Easter Egg Avatar Frame?5
How many emeralds are featured on the clothing of commander Matilda of Flanders?5
How many flags are featured in front of the Alliance Center for the French civilization?6
How many gears are shown on the icon for the Economic Technology “Engineering”?2
How many goals does a player need to score to earn a hat-trick?3
How many Golden Keys are awarded to the top finishing Governor in each season of Sunset Canyon?5
How many hurricanes were recorded around the Pacific Ocean in the year 1977?4
How many individual credits can be earned from selling normal equipment blueprints through the Alliance Shop’s reclaim feature?400
How many individual quests does an Expedition involve?90
How many items of the same quality should I equip to complete “Ready For Battle”?6
How many Key Points are required to unlock the Treasure of Blue Crystal in Alliance Gifts?3,000,000
How many keys are included in the Alliance Gift received for the destruction of a Lvl 5 Barbarian Fort?60
How many keys are included in the Wooden Chest Alliance Gift?10
How many keys does a typical modern piano have?88
How many Legendary Commander Sculptures are awarded to the top finisher by total rankings in the “The Mightiest Governor” event?180
How many letters are used in today’s version of English?26
How many Medals of the Conqueror are needed to purchase a Legendary Commander Sculpture in the Medal Store in Expedition mode?1,500
How many minutes’ worth total of speedups can be obtained from purchasing the “7-Day Speedup Supply” in addition to the immediate 1,050 Gem reward?3,150 minutes
How many Normal Iron Ore do you need to make an Advanced Iron Ore?4
How many officers (excluding the alliance leader) can an alliance have?8
How many Olympic gold medals did African-American athlete Jesse Owens win in 1936?4
How many patrolling soldiers roam a governor’s walls?7
How many phases are there in The Mightiest Governor event?5
How many points are earned per 1 point of upgraded Power within the “Stage 4: Power Upgrade” segment of “The Mightiest Governor” event?2
How many points are gained per Lvl 3 unit severely wounded/killed in the “Stage 5: Enemy Elimination” segment of the “Mightiest Governor” event?4
How many polar bears feature on the Heart of the North Avatar Frame?3
How many refreshes are available per visit to the Mysterious Merchant?5
How many reward chests are awarded for reaching 60 daily activity points?3
How many roses feature on the Rose Petals Avatar Frame?4
How many Scouts can the Scout Camp hold at once?3
How many sections are featured in the Kingdom Newspaper outside of special calendar events?5
How many separate khanates or empires had the Mongol Empire fractured into by the time of Kublai’s death in 1294?4
How many small tents can you see in a Lvl 3 Barbarian Fort?6
How many stars are featured on the banner displayed behind the commander Minamoto no Yoshitsune?3
How many students sit in on the lectures held by the scholars of the Lyceum of Wisdom?6
How many teams competed in the 2022 World Cup?32
How many teams took part in the first World Cup?13
How many tents are shown on the icon for the Military Technology “Encampment”?3
How many tiles does a City Hall occupy within your city?9 x 9
How many times can you receive alliance help if your Alliance Center is level 14?18
How many times can you receive alliance help if your alliance center is level 25?30
How many times has North Korea qualified for the World Cup?Two times
How many times is the character “1” used when you write from number 1 to number 99?20
How many troops are recommended for destroying a Lvl 3 Barbarian Fort?480,000 Lvl 3 units
How many troops can governors send with a level 17 City Hall or above?4
How many VIP points can you buy with 200 gems?200
How many Watchtowers are included in a Lvl 25 city?8
How many wheels are there on a battering ram?6
How many Women’s World Cups has Megan Rapinoe won?2
How many World Cup titles has Italy won?4
How many World Cup titles has Pelé won?3
How many years are there between each Winter Olympic Games?4
How much capacity does a Lvl 15 Hospital provide (excluding boosts)?29,000
How much does the 12-Hour Enhanced Attack item increase your troops’ Attack by?5%
How much experience does a commander earn from a Lvl 7 Tome of Knowledge?50,000
How much gold does a single issue of the Kingdom Newspaper cost?1,000
How much reinforcement troop capacity does a city receive at Alliance Center Lvl 20?575,000
How much stone will a Lvl 17 Quarry produce every hour (excluding boosts)?2,775
How much total daily contribution is required to place in the daily alliance contribution rankings?10,000
How much will an Enhanced Attack (Advanced) item increase your attack?10%
How much will an Enhanced Gathering item increase your gathering speed?50%
How often does the World Cup take place?Every 4 years
How often is the FIFA World Cup held?Every 4 years
How was the Gutenberg Bible put into mass production?Movable type printing press
If a man with type AB blood and a woman with type B blood have a baby, which of the following statements would be incorrect?It could have type O blood
In 1970, which goalkeeper made the “save of the century” against Pelé?Gordon Banks
In 2002, FIFA published a fan-selected World Cup Dream Team. Who was the goalkeeper?Lev Yashin
In 2010, at age 71, Otto Rehhagel became the oldest person to manage a World Cup team. Which team did he manage?Greece
In 2018, which country set the record for being the least-populated country to ever reach the World Cup?Iceland
In 2026, the US, Mexico, and Canada will co-host the World Cup. How many teams will be participating?48
In Ancient Egypt, which of the following was NOT a privilege of being a ‘Scribe’?Exempt from paying medical expenses if sick
In ancient Greece, the Delian League was led by which city-state?Athens
In Ancient Greece, which philosopher liked to discuss ideas on a street which then got the nickname “Peripatetic School”?Aristotle
In ancient Greek mythology, who was Hermes’ father?Zeus
In ancient Greek mythology, who was the wife of Hades, the king of the underworld?Persephone
In Ark of Osiris, how many teleports does the first alliance to occupy an obelisk earn?8
In Ark of Osiris, what is the requirement for an alliance to participate in the Golden Battlefield?Ranked top 20 for alliance power in their kingdom
In Ark of Osiris, which Speedup can you use?Healing Speedup
In Ark of Osiris, where are you supposed to take the Ark?A non-enemy building
In China’s Han Dynasty, who opened the Silk Road on the orders of Emperor Wu?Zhang Qian
In Chinese mythology, what kind of creature is Jingwei?A bird
In DC comics, what is Batman’s real name?Bruce Wayne
In French novelist Stendhal’s The Red and the Black, what is the name of the ambitious protagonist?Julien
In Golden Kingdom, how many passes do you need to clear to get a Golden Chest?4 Passes
In Greek mythology, to whom did Paris, the Prince of Troy, give a golden apple inscribed with, “To the most beautiful goddess”?Aphrodite
In Greek mythology, what is the Goddess Eos known as?Goddess of the Dawn
In Greek mythology, what is the relationship between Zeus and Hermes?Father and son
In Greek mythology, what was Achilles’ only weak point?His heels
In Greek mythology, what was the name of Hades’ 3-headed dog which guarded the gates of the Underworld?Cerberus
In Greek mythology, which hero quested for the Golden Fleece?Jason
In Greek mythology, who ran the chariot of the sun off its path, setting the earth aflame?Phaethon
In Morse code, what is the length in dots between two words?7 dots
In most cases, which kind of lion has a mane?Adult male
In mythology, who was hit by the lead arrow of Eros?Daphne
In Norse mythology, what variety of trees was the World Tree?Ash
In Norse mythology, who does the hammer Mjolnir belong to?Thor
In Norse mythology, who wielded the weapon Gungnir?Odin
In RoK, the Cataphract is which civilization’s special unit?Byzantium
In RoK, the Hwarang is which civilization’s special unit?Korea
In RoK, the Janissary is which civilization’s special unit?Ottoman Empire
In RoK, the Throwing Axeman is which civilization’s special unit?France
In RoK, which of the following is considered a Boost item?Peace Shield
In RoK, which of these commanders is NOT good at leading archer units?Saladin
In Russian history, what nickname was the first Tzar given for their tyranny?Ivan the Terrible
In soccer, which position is allowed to touch the ball with their hands while it is in their team’s penalty area?Goalkeeper
In Sunset Canyon, how many troops can you deploy at a time?5
In the 1966 World Cup, England manager Alf Ramsey began using a unique formation that led England to the World Cup title. What was notable about this formation?No wingers
In the 2006 World Cup, Switzerland did not concede a single goal in regular play. Who was their goalkeeper?Pascal Zuberbühler
In the 2006 World Cup, who was the only English player to score during penalties in England’s quarter-final match against Portugal?Owen Hargreaves
In the 2010 World Cup Final between Spain and the Netherlands, which Spanish player scored the game-winning goal?Andrés Iniesta
In the 2010 World Cup, which goalkeeper saved two penalty kicks during regular play?Brad Friedel
In the 2014 World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina, which German player scored the game-winning goal?Mario Götze
In the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil, how many cities held match venues?12
In the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil, how many Confederation of African Football teams qualified for the tournament?5
In the 2014 World Cup, which of the following teams was not in the same group as the eventual champions Germany?England
In the 2018 World Cup, Thibaut Courtois won the Golden Glove award for best goalkeeper. What country is he from?Belgium
In the 2018 World Cup, what other countries were in England’s Group G?Belgium, Panama, Tunisia
In the 2018 World Cup, which of the following teams was not in the same group as the eventual champions France?Germany
In the 2022 World Cup, how many teams made it through the group stage to the knockout stage?16
In the 2022 World Cup, which two teams stayed in university accommodations?Argentina, Spain
In the 2022 World Cup, who faced the host country Qatar in the opening match?Ecuador
In the 2022 World Cup, who was the first team to be eliminated?Qatar
In the Book of Exodus, who leads the Jewish people to the Promised Land?Moses
In the COMMANDER VIEW page, what buff do commanders acting as a “Bloodfist Guard” get?Troop Health +1%
In the COMMANDER VIEW page, what buff do commanders acting as a “Drillmaster” get?Troop Attack +1%
In the COMMANDER VIEW page, what buff do commanders acting as a “Iron Guard” get?Troop Health +1%
In the COMMANDER VIEW page, what buff do commanders acting as a “Ranger” get?None of these answers are correct
In the COMMANDER VIEW page, what buff do commanders acting as a “Tax Officer” get?Gathering Speed +5%
In the competition for the Golden Boot, if two players have scored the same number of goals, how is the winner determined?Assists
In the Desire of Victory event, how can players gain rewards?Training troops
In the Lohar’s Trial event, how can players obtain Bone Necklaces?Defeating ordinary Barbarians
In total, how many goals were scored at the 2018 World Cup?169
In total, how many matches were played at the 2018 World Cup?64
In what century was a settlement established near the mouth of the Amstel, which would eventually become the city of Amsterdam?12th century
In what city did Henri I de Bourbon, Prince of Condé, pass away?Saint-Jean-d’Angély
In what climate does basil, known in Europe as the “King of Herbs”, largely grow?Tropical areas
In what country did the “Battle of Marengo” take place?Italy
In what era of Chinese history did the “Battle of Fei River” take place where a small number of soldiers conquered a vastly superior force?The Eastern Jin Dynasty
In what year did Einstein publish his four Annus Mirabilis (“Miracle Papers”)?1905
In what year did Maradona score his “Hand of God” goal?1986
In what year did Mark Zuckerberg create Facebook?2004
In what year did Qatar host the World Cup?2022
In what year did the current World Cup trophy come into use?1974
In what year did the Late Show with David Letterman first premiere?1993
In what year was FIFA founded?1904
In what year was the first Women’s World Cup held?1991
In what year was the first World Cup held?1930
In which century did the classic English dessert sticky toffee pudding originate?The mid-20th century
In which city in the United States has McDonald’s established a Hamburger University?Chicago
In which city is Denmark’s statue of The Little Mermaid located?Copenhagen
In which city is FIFA headquartered?Zurich
In which city is the Obelisk of Thutmose III currently held?Istanbul
In which city was the world’s first international soccer match held?Glasgow
In which commander’s background picture can you see a chicken?Queen Tamar of Georgia
In which commander’s background picture can you see a sakura tree?Minamoto no Yoshitsune
In which country did assam tea, known for its rich aromas, originate?India
In which country did the “Olé, Olé, Olé” chant originate?Spain
In which country did the Carlist Wars take place during the 19th century?Spain
In which country is the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, located?Egypt
In which country is the mysterious Stonehenge located?United Kingdom
In which country was air conditioning invented?USA
In which country was Botticelli, painter of The Birth of Venus, born?Italy
In which country was Carlsberg Group, a leading brewer, founded in 1847?Denmark
In which country was mozzarella cheese first produced, broadly associated with Italian cooking and pizzas?Italy
In which country was the 20th World Cup held?Brazil
In which country was the famed revolutionary and military strategist Simón Bolívar born?Venezuela
In which country was the microscope invented?The Netherlands
In which country was the Somme, the most infamous battlefield in World War I, located?France
In which country were the Wars of the Roses fought?England
In which country were instant noodles first invented?Japan
In which English palace did the “Star Chamber” sit?Palace of Westminster
In which English stadium was the 1966 World Cup Final held?Wembley Stadium
In which era of French history was the Arc de Triomphe built?Napoleonic era
In which era was the very first pyramid of ancient Egypt constructed?The Third Dynasty of Egypt
In which gallery is the Mona Lisa currently held?The Louvre
In which of these campaigns did Thutmose III take part?The Battle of Megiddo
In which region did the popular health food hummus originate?Middle East
In which region was the empire of Srivijaya located?Southeast Asia
In which theater was Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C Minor debuted in 1808?The Theater an der Wien
In which two years was the World Cup suspended due to World War II?1942 & 1946
In which UK city were The Beatles founded in 1960?Liverpool
In which World Cup did England captain Harry Kane score 6 goals, earning him the Golden Boot award?2018 Russia World Cup
In which World Cup did Spain win its first World Cup?2010 South Africa World Cup
In which year did Alexander Fleming discover penicillin?1928
In which year did every World Cup start having a mascot?1966
In which year did Richard the Lionheart and Saladin sign a truce?1192
In which year was the Battle of Guandu?200
In which year was the first edition of “The Diary of Anne Frank” published?1947
In which year was the first Wimbledon Tennis Championship held?1877
In which year was the Napoleonic Code established?1804
In which year was the Soviet Union formally established?1922
In whose workshop did Leonardo da Vinci apprentice?Andrea del Verrocchio
Insufficient intake of which element may cause the thyromegaly?Iodine
Into what kind of deity was Imhotep deified following his death?A god of medicine
Into what shape does commander Yi Seong-Gye’s fan-shaped active skill transform after gaining Expertise?A circle
Japanese ivy grows upward on walls and trees in order to capture energy from which source?Sunlight
Johannes Vermeer, the painter of Girl with a Pearl Earring, was from which country?The Netherlands
Keira once defied the world’s expectations about her in a glorious battle. Where did this battle take place?Sunset Canyon
Lactose intolerance is caused by a shortage of what?Lactase
Legendary commander of the Joseon Dynasty, Yi Sun-sin, sacrificed his life in which famous battle?Legendary commander of the Joseon Dynasty, Yi Sun-sin, sacrificed his life in which famous battle?
Li Xin, the ancestor of the “Flying General” Li Guang, was a general of which state during the Warring States period of Chinese history?Qin
Messi has used 6 different jersey numbers in his career. What are those 6 numbers?10, 14, 15, 18, 19, 30
Military strategist Belisarius served as a personal bodyguard to which emperor in his youth?Justinianus I
Miroslav Klose holds the record for most goals scored in the World Cup. How many goals has he scored?16
Murasaki is a character in which of the following works?Tale of Genji
Mutations are important because they bring about what?Genetic variation needed for a population to evolve
Northern Humanists like Erasmus were most commonly known for what?Interest in religious and social reform
Noted Danish archaeologist Christian Jürgensen Thomsen proposed the “three ages” system for categorizing ancient history. Which is the first stage?Stone Age
Of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals, which comes first?Rat
Of the below commanders, which is best suited to lead troops AGAINST archer enemies?Cao Cao
Of the below commanders, which is best suited to lead troops AGAINST cavalry enemies?Sun Tzu
Of the below commanders, which is best suited to lead troops AGAINST infantry enemies?Hermann
Of the below commanders, which is best suited to lead troops when gathering resources?Seondeok
Of the following, which is most likely to have directly led to the Bronze Age?Bronze is harder and more durable than other metals available at the time
On its tragic maiden voyage, what was the Titanic’s intended destination?New York
On which animal was the 2018 Russia World Cup’s mascot based on?Wolf
On which continent did the serval first live?Africa
On which continent is the human race generally thought to have originated?Africa
On which ingredient was the 1986 Mexico World Cup’s mascot based on?Pepper
One “day” on the planet Venus is approximately equal to how many earth days?243 days
One of the benefits of canned food is its long shelf life. Where were the first canned herrings made?Northern Europe
Pandas have 5 clawed toes on as well as a sixth digit. What do pandas use their sixth digit for?To hold bamboo while eating
Passport Pages are used when immigrating to other Kingdoms. What does the number of Passport Pages used depend on?Governor’s Individual Power
Peppers have been farmed for millennia. Which continent can we trace their origins back to?The Americas
Qatar follows Arabia Standard Time. How would that be notated using UTC?UTC+3:00
Queen Guinevere fell in love with which Knight of the Round Table according to Arthurian legend?Lancelot
Queen Victoria of England was part of which royal house?The House of Hanover
Raphael is best known for his creation of which of the following?School of Athens
Santa Claus travels on a sleigh pulled by what animal?Reindeer
Seondeok was Queen of Silla (part of modern-day Korea). What was her birth name?Kim Deokman
Shanghai’s Jin Mao Tower has how many floors?88
Since its founding in 1863, how many times has the International Committee of the Red Cross won the Nobel Peace Prize?3
Some toothpastes contain powdered calcium carbonate. What is its function?Acts as an abrasive
The “Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa” was a major turning point in which conflict?The Reconquista
The “Beef Wellington” involves cooking filet mignon wrapped inside which other ingredient?Puff pastry
The “Day of the Tiles” is regarded by some historians to mark the beginning of the French Revolution. In what city did it take place?Grenoble
The “Dragonfly Cutter” was the weapon of choice of which legendary warrior?Honda Tadakatsu
The “El Nino” phenomenon is named after which of these festivals?Christmas
The “Independence March” is the national anthem of which country?Turkey
The “Three Great Philosophers” of Ancient Greece were Plato, Aristotle, and who?Socrates
The “Windsor knot” was made popular by which king of England?Edward VIII
The 1,000 point achievement chest includes:Epic Commander Sculpture
The 2022 World Cup will be the first men’s world cup with female referees. How many will there by?3
The 24 “solar terms” are a traditional Chinese calendar system used for what purpose?Agriculture
The air often feels fresher after a thunderstorm because it has been enriched with which gas?Ozone
The Alliance Technology “Territory Guardian” increases which attribute of troops when battling in Alliance territory?Attack
The Bastille, a prison once located in the center of Paris, France, originally served what purpose?Defensive Fortress
The blueprint fragments of which of the following accessories CANNOT be redeemed from the Season of Conquest Shop?Pendant of Eternal Night
The borders of which of these countries extend across two continents?Egypt
The cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris was built in which style?Gothic
The coffee bean is in fact a type of…?Fruit
The Colossus of Rhodes depicts which god of the sun?Helios
The concept of ‘separation of powers’ comes from which work by Montesquieu?The Spirit of Law
The cone-shaped winds of tornadoes are notable for doing what?Spinning
The epic “Poem of El Cid” originated from which country?Spain
The famous Renaissance sculpture Pietà was the work of which artist?Michelangelo
The flag of which country holds the world record of being the oldest continuously used national flag?Denmark
The four biggest musicals in the world are Cats, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, and…?The Phantom of the Opera
The four major varieties of Guzheng in Ancient China were the Haozhong, Luqi, Jiaowei, and the…?Raoliang
The Gallic rooster is an official national symbol of which country?France
The general theory of relativity was published by which physicist?Einstein
The Golden Bear Award is given out at which film festival?Berlin Film Festival
The Golden Glove/Lev Yashin award is given to the best goalkeeper in the World Cup. In which World Cup was it first awarded?15th
The Greek alphabet originated from which other writing system?Phoenician
The Greek epic The Odyssey records the return of the hero Odysseus from war. Where was his homeland?Ithaca
The kingdom title ‘Queen’ increases which of the following?Gathering Speed
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in which of these countries?Italy
The Luger pistol, manufactured for the German army during WW2, uses which type of ammo?9mm Parabellum
The mascot of the 2010 South Africa World Cup was an anthropomorphic leopard with green hair. What was his name?Zakumi
The military leader Charles Martel was NOT known for which of the following?Leading cavalry units
The more genetic variation a population has, the more likely it is that some individual will what?Survive
The Mughal Empire carried Islam to where?Most of India
The Museum of Modern Art is located in which American city?New York
The novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms begins near the end of which Chinese dynasty?Han
The Pantheon has been the burial site of many important artists since the Renaissance. Which of the following artists were buried there?Raphael
The Phoenician civilization originated in which part of the world?The Eastern Mediterranean
The prehistoric humans known as “homo floresiensis” are also commonly referred to as?Hobbits
The process of combining atoms is known as what?Fusion
The process of splitting atoms is known as?Fission
The Punic Wars were fought by Ancient Rome and what other ancient empire?Ancient Carthage
The Qingming Riverside Map captures the daily life and landscape of which ancient Chinese dynasty?The Song
The Renaissance was a “rebirth” of what?Classical culture
The saying “The Empire on which the sun never sets” was originally used in reference to which country’s empire?Spain
The Scoville scale is often used to rate the spiciness of peppers, a higher value denoting greater spiciness. Which of these peppers is rated at over 1 million on the Scoville scale?Soul pepper
The Taj Mahal was built during which Indian Dynasty?The Mughal Dynasty
The Tang dynasty style of pottery decoration known as “sancai” primarily uses which three colors?Yellow, green, white
The Third Punic War led to the downfall of which state?Carthage
The Three Kingdoms of Korea were Baekje, Silla, and …?Goguryeo
The two capitals of Austria-Hungary were Budapest and which other city?Vienna
The Uruguay national team displays four stars on its emblems. How many World Cups has it won?Two
The writer of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ recently contributed to the script of which video game?Elden Ring
The zeppelin was invented by engineers from which country?Germany
To whom did India give the title “Mahatma”?Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Tokugawa Ieyasu and who else became the three “Great Unifiers” of Japan?Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Under normal circumstances, which layer of the Sun can we see with the naked eye?Photosphere
Under which category does the formal writing system of ancient Egypt fall?Hieroglyphic
Under which Pharaoh did ancient Egyptian minister Imhotep serve?Zoser
Wales officially became part of the Kingdom of Great Britain during the reign of which King?Henry VIII
What achievement would spending over 200 Golden Keys in the Tavern in a single transaction unlock?All In
What age did ancient Greece enter after the Mycenaean civilization was destroyed?Dark Age
What ancient Roman ruin located in Algeria was formally assigned World Heritage status in 1982?The ruins of Djemila
What animal is the mascot of the 2022 Winter Olympics based on?Panda
What animal is the “Tigris” named after in ancient Greek?Tiger
What are Arrows of Resistance used for?To upgrade the Watchtower
What are Books of Covenant used for?To upgrade the Castle
What are the dimensions of the fog cleared by a Kingdom Map item?10×10
What benefit does researching “Mathematics” in the Academy provide?Increased research speed
What can “Masonry” technology help you to improve?The building speed of buildings in your city
What caused the death of the outstanding statemen and military strategist, Pericles?A plague
What caused the deaths of Ceroli Chieftain Dekar’s parents?The discovery of their witchcraft studies
What causes lunar eclipses?The earth moves directly between the sun and the moon
What civilization developed between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers?The Mesopotamians
What color are the fresh flowers in the Lyceum of Wisdom for the French civilization?Red
What color are the wings on the Pegasus decoration?Gold
What color gemstones are engraved upon the crown of the commander El Cid?Red
What color is a polar bear’s skin?Black
What color is used on the roofs of buildings in the Japanese civilization?Black
What color paint was favored by ancient Egyptian families for the walls of their homes?White
What color was the match ball used in the 1966 World Cup Final?Orange
What country did the infamous pirate Blackbeard come from?England
What country is not in Europe?Egypt
What date is World Environment Day held each year?June 5th
What did Che Guevara study in college?Medicine
What did Spartacus do as a slave before leading the biggest slave rebellion of Ancient Rome?A gladiator
What did the name for ancient Egypt’s Luxor Temple also mean?The southern sanctuary
What did the word “marathon” originally refer to?A place name
What did Theodorus van Gogh, the younger brother of famed Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, do for a living?Art Dealer
What discovery made the deciphering of hieroglyphics possible?The Rosetta Stone
What do Dragon Lancers carry in their left hand?A tobacco pipe
What do you have to do to earn the Witness Protection achievement?Change your nickname 10 times
What does a “hat-trick” mean in soccer?One player scoring 3 goals for their team
What does the ankh character represent in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics?Life
What does the word “Formula” in “Formula 1 Racing” refer to?The rules which participating cars must follow
What four-word saying did Oda Nobunaga live by?Rule With absolute force
What honorary rank was the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) given?Colonel
What image is engraved on the Hammer of the Sun and Moon weapon?The sun
What information does the item Deceptive Troops falsify for enemy Scouts?Your City’s unit count
What ingredients are used to make “zongzi”, a traditional food eaten in China during the Dragon Boat Festival?Glutinous rice
What instrument was officially banned by FIFA after the 2010 South Africa World Cup?Vuvuzela
What is a “light-year” a measure of?Distance
What is Belisarius’ nickname?Last of the Romans
What is China’s earliest known book of military strategy?Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”
What is Commander Baibars good at?Leading cavalry units
What is Commander Cao Cao’s expertise skill called?Emperor Wu of Wei
What is Commander Eulji Mundeok good at?Leading infantry units
What is Commander Hermann good at?Leading archer units
What is Commander Keira good at?Leading archer units
What is Commander Lancelot good at?Leading cavalry units
What is Commander Osman I good at?Attacking cities
What is Commander Sun Tzu good at?Leading city garrisons
What is Julius Caesar’s nickname?The Uncrowned King
What is Karaku’s Fire Shaman called?Denko
What is the 2nd-largest constituent nation of the United Kingdom?Scotland
What is the alliance rally capacity provided by a Lvl 15 Fort?775,000
What is the alternative name of Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night?What You Will
What is the capital of the Republic of Chile?Santiago
What is the center of a hurricane called?Eye
What is the champion Keira’s nickname?The Red Chameleon
What is the color of the floral headdress worn by commander Šárka in Rise of Kingdoms?Red
What is the color of the jade pendant around the commander Cao Cao’s waist?Green
What is the Commander Hannibal Barca good at?Attacking cities
What is the conversion ratio of amperes (A) to milliamperes (mA)?1:1000
What is the default rallied troop capacity when your castle is level 25?2 million
What is the default transportation capacity if your trading post is level 25?5 million
What is the duration of the Builder Recruitment item?2 days
What is the Expertise Skill of the commander Alexander the Great called?Son of Amun
What is the Gem cost of the Human Sculpture decoration?2,000
What is the hardest part of the human body?Tooth Enamel
What is the highest level a City Hall can reach in RoK?25
What is the highest mountain in Africa?Mount Kilimanjaro
What is the in-game nickname of Cleopatra VII?Queen of Egypt
What is the largest airport in the world by area?King Fahd International Airport
What is the largest animal on the planet?Blue whale
What is the largest city in the UK by area?London
What is the largest freshwater lake in the world by area?Lake Superior
What is the largest lake on the South American continent?Lake Maracaibo
What is the largest living species of bird in the world?Ostrich
What is the length of a marathon in kilometers?42.2 Km
What is the main ingredient in salt?Sodium chloride
What is the main ingredient of popcorn?Corn
What is the main purpose of white blood cells in the human body?Fighting infection and disease
What is the maximum number of King’s Road decorative buildings a governor can construct?400
What is the maximum number of troops you can form in the Champions of Olympia event?9
What is the maximum period of time that alliance resources can accumulate for in the Alliance Territory screen?24h
What is the minimum number of Silver Keys that can be obtained from the “Treasure of Wisdom” bundle?2
What is the most abundant element in earth’s crust?Oxygen
What is the name for electricity produced by water power using large dams in a river?Hydroelectric energy
What is the name for renewable energy derived from burning organic materials such as wood and alcohol?Biomass
What is the name for the phenomenon by which organisms that are better adapted to the environment survive to pass traits to their offspring?Natural selection
What is the name of the 2022 Qatar World Cup mascot?La’eeb
What is the name of the achievement obtained by acquiring 3 permanent city themes?Technicolor Themes
What is the name of the fourth bracket in the “Champions of Olympia” event?Brilliant Silver
What is the name of the revolution in 1688 which established the British constitutional monarchy?The Glorious Revolution
What is the name of the swindler who can also appear at the same time as the Ceroli Chieftain Bloodfist Bargha?Dhalruk
What is the name of the Turkish straits that divide Europe from Asia?The Bosphorus
What is the nationality of Pierre de Fermat, who proposed Fermat’s Last Theorem?France
What is the only country to have won both the Men’s and Women’s World Cup?Germany
What is the only known short-period comet that is regularly visible to the naked eye from Earth?Halley’s Comet
What is the primary cause of karst landforms?The dissolution of soluble rocks
What is the root cause of altitude sickness?Rapid exposure to low amounts of oxygen at high elevation
What is the softest mineral currently known to mankind?Talc
What is the tallest peak in the world?Mount Everest
What is the total Lvl 25 Hospital Capacity for severely wounded troops (excluding boosts)?300,000
What is the unlock condition for Nightmare difficulty in the “Ian’s Ballads” event?Reach City Hall Lvl 23 and 20 million Power
What is the VIP Level required to purchase a Legendary Commander Sculpture on a weekly discount from the VIP Shop?Lvl 13
What is the world’s oldest film festival?Venice Film Festival
What item summons Dauntless Lohar?Lohar’s Buckler
What kind of animal was the mascot of the 1998 World Cup in France?Cockerel
What kind of boost to allied forces does commander Joan of Arc’s active skill provide?Rage
What kind of combat blessing do Archers receive in Champions of Olympia?The Blessing of Ares
What kind of combat blessing do Cavalry receive in Champions of Olympia?The Blessing of Hades
What kind of combat blessing do Infantry receive in Champions of Olympia?The Blessing of Athena
What kind of combat blessing do mixed units receive in Champions of Olympia?The Blessing of Apollo
What kind of commander becomes the temporary Garrison Commander in the event a Governor has not nominated a commander or the nominated commander is not present?The highest level commander currently present
What letter is shown on the Scolas’ Lucky Coin decoration?L
What level does your City Hall have to be to enter the Iron Age?Lvl 10
What material did the craftsmen of ancient Egypt favor for sculpting statues and murals?Stone
What number World Cup will the 2022 World Cup be?22nd
What occupation buff is provided by the Flame Altar?Troop Attack +3%
What outstanding contribution to science won biologist Karl Landsteiner the Nobel Prize?Discovering the human blood groups
What process is responsible for the red hues of the eponymous Red Sea?Unusual algae
What provided the major economic support for the Renaissance?Wealthy patrons
What race of creatures, mythical or otherwise, lived on Asgard according to Norse myth?Aesir
What reward may be given to governors who do NOT qualify for the Ark of Osiris but whose fellow alliance members do qualify and are defeated?Gems
What tier of crystal treasure is found in the Lvl 26 Alliance Gift?Treasure of Blue Crystal
What two countries together made up the “Iberian Union”?Portugal and Spain
What two major works are attributed to Homer?The Odyssey and The Iliad
What useful tool did famed carpenter Lu Ban invent?The saw
What was another usage of gin, aside from being a popular drink, in the 18th century?Medicine
What was the country of origin of the architect who designed the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities located in Cairo?France
What was the final score of the 2014 World Cup final between Germany and Argentina?1 – 0
What was the first men’s World Cup to have a female referee?2022 Qatar World Cup
What was the first World Cup trophy called?Jules Rimet Trophy
What was the homeland of Odysseus, the subject of Homer’s Odyssey?Ithaca
What was the name of the alliance led by Athens in the Peloponnesian War?Delian League
What was the name of the creature in Greek mythology that lured sailors with its heavenly singing voice?Siren
What was the name of the official match ball of the 2018 World Cup?Telstar
What was the native language of Cleopatra VII, otherwise known as Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt?Greek
What was the original purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza?Pharaoh Khufu’s tomb
What was the regnal name of the last emperor of China’s Qing Dynasty?Xuantong
What was the relationship between the famed generals Tolui and Genghis Khan?Father and son
What was the venue for the final match of the 2018 World Cup held in Russia?Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow
What weapon does the commander Richard I wield?An axe and shield
What weapons do City Keepers wield?An axe and shield
What weapons does the commander City Keeper wield?An axe and shield
What were the men and women hiding from on the outskirts of Florence in the novella collection “The Decameron”?The Black Plague
What’s does the “Fully Loaded” alliance skill do when used?Increases alliance members’ gathering speed for one type of resource
What’s does the “Nature’s Gift” alliance skill do when used?Summon resource points in a selected area
What’s does the “Skillful Craftsman” alliance skill do when used?Greatly increases alliance flag construction speed
What’s the primary cause of the formation of the Himalayas?Collision between plates
When a governor’s city hall reaches level 25, how many farms can they build?4
When Achilles refuses to fight, Patroclus puts on Achilles armor, fights the Trojans, and dies. Who is Patroclus killed by?Hector
When alliance members gather resources in alliance territory, how much is their Gathering Speed increased by?25%
When did the “hard-boiled” or “noir” literary genre of fiction first fluorish?1920s
When did the War of the Austrian Succession take place?1740-1748
When moist air encounters an obstacle such as a mountain range and is forced upward while air temperature drops, resulting in rain, this is known as:Orographic precipitation
When not affected by buffs, how much resource capacity does a Level 25 Storehouse have for each type of resource?2,500,000
When was Coca-Cola invented?The 19th century
When was Napoleon Bonaparte born?1769
When was the Declaration of Independence written?1776
When was the first Venice Film Festival held?1932
When was the theremin, one of the first electronic musical instruments, invented?1919
When were bicycles introduced to Europe?The 19th century
Where are the world’s largest proven oil reserves located?Ghawar Field
Where did Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine”, come from?Ancient Greece
Where did King Louis XIV of France move the royal Court to in 1682?The Palace of Versailles
Where did reggae music originate?Jamaica
Where did the final battle between King Arthur and Mordred take place according to Arthurian legend?Camlann
Where did the Renaissance begin?Italy
Where do adaptations come from?Both mutations and genetic recombination
Where do most hurricanes start?On the open seas
Where do most of the Ainu people live?Hokkaido
Where in Egypt is the Sphinx located?The Giza Plateau
Where in Italy is Vatican City located?Rome
Where is the Capital of Scotland?Edinburgh
Where is the capital of the Germany?Berlin
Where is the commander Gaius Marius from?Ancient Rome
Where is the largest pyramid in the world?The Great Pyramid of Cholula
Where is the right hand of the famous sculpture known as “The Thinker” resting?Under the chin
Where was Commander Lohar born?In a remote barbarian tribe
Where was famed musician Beethoven born?Bonn
Where was Pablo Picasso born?Iberia
Where was the Ceroli Chieftain Torgny born?Citadel of Braves
Where was the rallying point for the first Crusade?Constantinople
Where was the World Heritage Terracotta Army found?In a royal mausoleum
Which achievement is unlocked from upgrading 2 hospitals to Lvl 25?Hale & Hearty
Which ancient civilization built the “Lost City” of Machu Picchu?The Incas
Which ancient Egyptian deity is represented with the head of a lion?Tefnut
Which ancient Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb did British archaeologist Howard Carter discover in 1922?Tutankhamun
Which Ancient Greek physicist famously discovered the concept of buoyancy while taking a bath?Archimedes
Which ancient Greek scholar laid the foundation for future European mathematics and authored the “Elements” of geometry?Euclid
Which animal is featured on commander Richard I’s background image?A dog
Which art group is known as a “national treasure” of Canada?Cirque du Soleil
Which artist painted the world-famous “Girl with a Pearl Earring”?Johannes Vermeer
Which artist shocked the world by shredding a copy of his own work, Girl with Balloon, at an auction?Banksy
Which astronomer proposed the heliocentric theory in the 16th century?Nicolaus Copernicus
Which beverage was invented by American pharmacist John Pemberton?Cola
Which British star performed at the opening ceremony of the 2018 World Cup?Robbie Williams
Which buff can be acquired from occupying a Sanctum of Courage?Increase EXP gained by commanders
Which building was originally built in London to house the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations held in 1851?The Crystal Palace
Which Ceroli Chieftain comes from Horn Bay?Keira
Which Ceroli Chieftain comes from Sabertooth Valley?Ak & Hok
Which Ceroli Chieftain dual wields a dagger and bow?Wafura
Which Ceroli Chieftain dwells in a place known as Death Forest?Dekar
Which Ceroli Chieftain has been tasked with safeguarding Windrage Cliffs?Astrid
Which Ceroli Chieftain has power over frost?Frida
Which Ceroli Chieftain once encircled the Citadel of Braves with their forces?Torgny
Which Ceroli Chieftain safeguards the Whitestone Tower?Frida
Which Ceroli Chieftain spent over 20 years garrisoning the Northern Reaches?Torgny
Which Ceroli Chieftain uses a bow for a weapon?Keira
Which Ceroli Chieftain wields two weapons at once?Astrid
Which Ceroli Chieftain works alongside a snake?Dekar
Which Ceroli Chieftain’s tribe has lived in the freezing wastes for generations?Wafura
Which chapter of the Kingdom Chronicles grants the “Explorer for Life” achievement if all mist is explored before the chapter’s end?Long Peace
Which Chieftain from the Ceroli Crisis event is well-versed in poison magic?Dekar
Which Chieftain in the Ceroli Crisis event mounted a successful coup?Torgny
Which Chinese dynasty did Jiang Ziya help to establish?The Zhou Dynasty
Which city hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics?Sydney
Which city-state defeated Sparta in the “Battle of Leuctra”?Thebes
Which city-state of Ancient Greece was known for its brutal military training and bravery?Sparta
Which civilian airport is the highest above sea level?Daocheng Yading Airport
Which civilization was the first to have public toilets?Ancient Rome
Which club has footballer Lionel Messi played for the longest?Barcelona
Which commander can be said to have the thickest eyebrows in Rise of Kingdoms?Cao Cao
Which commander does NOT receive a skill level boost from a Legendary Commander Sculpture?Hannibal Barca
Which commander features a ship in their background image?Pelagius
Which commander has a crown with gemstones of a different color to the others?Queen Tamar of Georgia
Which commander is commonly regarded as having exemplified the ideal of the “Bushido Spirit”?Kusunoki Masashige
Which commander is known as “The Immortal Hammer”?Charles Martel
Which commander is known as Barbarossa?Frederick I
Which commander is known as Kamakura’s Warlord?Minamoto no Yoshitsune
Which commander is known as the Conqueror of Chaos?Cao Cao
Which commander is known as the Lady of the Mercians?Æthelflæd
Which commander is nicknamed “Bow of Revolution”?Yi Seong-Gye
Which commander is nicknamed Carthage’s Guardian?Hannibal Barca
Which commander is nicknamed the Father of Conquest?Baibars
Which commander is nicknamed the Roaring Barbarian?Lohar
Which commander is reputed to have said, “I came, I saw, I conquered”?Julius Caesar
Which commander role provides a load boost to troops?Supply Captain
Which commander says: “My destiny is determined by faith and opportunity”?Matilda of Flanders
Which commander showed their military genius in the Battle of Tours in the 8th century AD?Charles Martel
Which commander signed a peace treaty with Saladin in 1192?Richard I
Which commander was considered an enemy of Rome from an early age?Hannibal Barca
Which commander was in charge of capturing Constantinople at the age of 21?Mehmed II
Which commander was known as the Celtic Rose?Boudica
Which commander was paired with Minamoto?Tomoe Gozen
Which commander wields the Beauty and Wisdom skill?Cleopatra VII
Which Commander’s active skill can inflict Silence?Hermann
Which composer wrote the opera “The Ring of the Nibelung”?Wagner
Which continent has the lowest average temperatures?Antarctica
Which continent was the birthplace of Mayan civilization?The Americas
Which country did Arjen Robben play for?The Netherlands
Which country did the famous poet Dante Alighieri come from?Italy
Which country did Zarathustra, of the tone poem ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’, come from?Persia
Which country gave the Statue of Liberty to the American people as a gift?France
Which country has adopted the quetzal as its national bird?Guatemala
Which country has participated in 8 World Cups but has never advanced past the group stage?Scotland
Which country has topped the FIFA world rankings but has never won a World Cup?Belgium
Which country has won the most World Cups?Brazil
Which country has won the World Cup five times?Brazil
Which country hosted and won the 1930 World Cup?Uruguay
Which country hosted and won the 1978 World Cup?Argentina
Which country hosted the 1994 World Cup?The United States
Which country hosted the 1998 World Cup?France
Which country hosted the 2022 World Cup?Qatar
Which country hosted the first ever Winter Olympics on January 25, 1924?France
Which country hosted the first World Cup?Uruguay
Which country is Çatalhöyük located in?Turkey
Which country is responsible for inventing blue cheese, well-known for its pungent taste?France
Which country used an orange as its World Cup mascot?Spain
Which country was allowed to keep the Jules Rimet Trophy permanently?Brazil
Which country was England fighting against in the Battle of Agincourt?France
Which country was Marco Polo, a famous explorer and merchant, born in?Republic of Venice
Which country was the first Asian country to reach the semi-final stage of the World Cup?Korea
Which country was the first to invent perfume?Cyprus
Which country won the 2018 World Cup held in Russia?France
Which country’s team has played in every World Cup?Brazil
Which creature decoration from Greek mythology can governors construct in their city?Pegasus
Which deity of ancient Egyptian mythology was represented by the obelisk?Ra
Which demigod captures Cerberus, the “three-headed hound of Hades”, according to Greek mythology?Hercules
Which Dutch scientist is known as “the father of microbiology”?Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
Which Egyptian city marked the boundary between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt during the pre-dynastic period?Memphis
Which emperor issued the Proclamation of Milan?Constantine I
Which emperor was named the “Khan of Heaven” by various Turkic nomads during the Sui and Tang dynasties?Emperor Taizong of Tang
Which entomologist and astronomer from New Zealand first proposed adopting a method of Daylight Saving Time?George Hudson
Which ethnic group founded the earliest civilization of Mesopotamia?The Sumerians
Which European country’s king funded Christopher Columbus’ famous expedition?Spain
Which European wrote the first travelogue detailing China’s history, culture, and art?Marco Polo
Which famous and influential family did the famous Renaissance art patron Duke Lorenzo belong to?The House of Medici
Which famous Japanese samurai was called “Ushiwakamaru” as a child?Minamoto no Yoshitsune
Which famous sculpture features a child urinating?Manneken Pis
Which figure of history disguised himself as a Prussian captain and made off with over 4000 gold marks only to be later regarded as a folk hero and called the “Captain of Köpenick”?Wilhelm Voigt
Which flavor of soup can does NOT appear in Andy Warhol’s famous work titled “Campbell’s Soup Cans”?Corn
Which French monarch was known as “Saint Louis”?Louis IX
Which gas makes up more than 90% of Mars’ atmosphere?Carbon Dioxide
Which German psychologist discovered the human brain’s forgetting curve?Hermann Ebbinghaus
Which goalkeeper has scored the most goals in professional soccer?Rogério Ceni
Which god is Taranis in Celtic mythology?Thunder God
Which Greek goddess is portrayed on the Jules Rimet trophy, the original World Cup trophy?Nike
Which inventor built the world’s first electric locomotive in 1837?Robert Davidson
Which is Minamoto no Yoshitsune’s active skill?Kyohachiryu
Which is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the largest cumulative circulation of any single-author comic?One Piece
Which is the highest plateau in the world?The Tibetan Plateau
Which is the longest continental mountain range on earth?The Andes
Which is the smallest known snake species?Barbados threadsnake
Which is the Viking civilization’s special unit?Berserker
Which is the world’s largest church?St. Peter’s Basilica
Which Japanese haiku poet wrote under the pseudonym “Tosei”?Matsuo Basho
Which kingdom did the commander Boudica reign over?Iceni
Which landmark in Sydney, Australia is shaped like sails?Sydney Opera House
Which mammalian order does Suidae belong to?Artiodactyla
Which manager has managed in six World Cups?Carlos Alberto Parreira
Which manager led his team to a record 11 consecutive World Cup match victories?Luiz Felipe Scolari
Which military commander was known as the “Teutoburg’s Liberator”?Hermann
Which military leader was known as the “Reformer of the Legions”?Gaius Marius
Which modern-day city was Shakespeare’s Globe Theater built in?London
Which monarch built the Hagia Sophia?Justinian I
Which musical instrument is a national emblem of Ireland?Harp
Which musician composed “The Marriage of Figaro”?Mozart
Which Nobel Prize is the most recently established?The Nobel Prize in Economics
Which of the Babylonian Codes of Law was the first full set of written laws in recorded history?The Code of Hammurabi
Which of the below figures were not Knights of King Arthur’s Round Table?Merlin
Which of the below states was not part of the Three Kingdoms period?Jin
Which of the following accurately describes the Arctic Circle?Polar Day and Polar Night are phenomenons that occur there
Which of the following achievements must be completed before the “Special Snowflake” achievement?Long-range Strike
Which of the following actions is NOT available to an alliance leader in Rise of Kingdoms?Quit Alliance
Which of the following animals does NOT lay eggs?Bat
Which of the following are carnivores?Dragonflies
Which of the following are NOT mammals?Turtle
Which of the following awards daily activity points?Defeating barbarian troops on the map
Which of the following best describes a Clownfish?Tropical marine fish
Which of the following buffs can take effect during Sunset Canyon battles?Buffs from equipment
Which of the following buildings cannot be upgraded?Courier Station
Which of the following can NOT be found in a Silver Chest at the Tavern?Lv.3 Tome of Knowledge
Which of the following can NOT be found in Alliance Shops?Golden Key
Which of the following CANNOT be equipped to a Commander?Lohar’s Longbow
Which of the following cat breeds is known for being hairless?Sphynx
Which of the following characters are NOT present in the “Journey to the West” story?Third Sister Hu
Which of the following cities is the capital of France?Paris
Which of the following cities was the first to have an underground rapid transit system?London
Which of the following city buildings CAN be upgraded?Trading Post
Which of the following civilizations cannot buff their cavalry?The Ottomans
Which of the following civilizations give a 5% attack bonus to cavalry units?Germany
Which of the following civilizations gives a 20% healing speed bonus to hospitals?France
Which of the following civilizations increases the damage of active commander skills by 5%?Ottomans
Which of the following civilizations provides a building speed boost?China
Which of the following commanders excels at attacking enemy cities?Julius Caesar
Which of the following commanders excels at gathering resources?Cleopatra VII
Which of the following commanders excels at leading archers?Yi Seong-Gye
Which of the following commanders excels at leading cavalry?Minamoto no Yoshitsune
Which of the following commanders excels at leading infantry?Richard I
Which of the following commanders joined a rebellion against her own husband?Constance
Which of the following commanders was effectively the ruler of their kingdom, but never officially the head of state?Charles Martel
Which of the following commanders was part of the Battle of Red Cliffs?Cao Cao
Which of the following commanders was part of the Hundred Years’ War?Joan of Arc
Which of the following commanders’ sculptures cannot be donated to the “Past Glory” event after the Lost Kingdom has been opened?Æthelflæd
Which of the following countries is located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere?None of these answers are correct
Which of the following countries or regions is NOT part of Northern Europe?Argentina
Which of the following deities were NOT meant to be given offerings at the Abu Simbel Temples?Anubis
Which of the following describes a monotheist?Someone who warships 1 god
Which of the following descriptions of microscopes is false?They can be used to observe stars
Which of the following did NOT occur during the Greco-Persian Wars?The Battle of Agincourt
Which of the following doctors was the first to describe completely, and in detail, the systemic circulation and the function of the heart?William Harvey
Which of the following does not award Individual Credits?Giving resources to allies
Which of the following does NOT award Individual Credits?Attacking Barbarians
Which of the following does NOT give Commanders EXP?Attacking other players
Which of the following does NOT increase an Alliance’s member limit?Appointing officers
Which of the following French Kings was known as the Sun King?Louis XIV
Which of the following fruits, know as “wolf peach”, were erroneously thought to be poisonous?Tomatoes
Which of the following illnesses can be caused by a lack of Vitamin D?Rickets
Which of the following inventions did NOT come about during the first industrial Revolution?The telephone
Which of the following is a decorative building?Stone Drum
Which of the following is a fossil fuel formed from marine organisms that is often found in folded or tilted layers and used for heating and cooking?Natural gas
Which of the following is a liquid fossil fuel formed from marine organisms that is burned to obtain energy and used to manufacture plastics?Oil
Which of the following is a military building?Scout Camp
Which of the following is a name for sedimentary rock formed from decayed plant material in swampy areas?Coal
Which of the following is a phase of The Mightiest Governor event?Enemy Elimination
Which of the following is an alternative energy source based on splitting heavy atoms into lighter ones to release energy?Nuclear energy
Which of the following is an economic building?Alliance Center
Which of the following is an inexhaustible energy resource that relies on hot magma or hot, dry rocks below ground?Geothermal energy
Which of the following is another name for the “Black Death” that raged across the Europe during the Late Middle Ages?Yersinia pestis
Which of the following is considered a metallic resource?Iron
Which of the following is considered one of Confucius’ disciples?Yan Hui
Which of the following is extinct?The Steller’s Sea Cow
Which of the following is NOT a “low country” of Europe?The United Kingdom
Which of the following is NOT a Champions of Olympia map?Treasure Hill
Which of the following is not a characteristic of Renaissance art?Flat/Two-dimensional
Which of the following is NOT a component ingredient used to forge the Epic weapon “Golden Age”?Animal Bone
Which of the following is NOT a King skill?Relief
Which of the following is not a natural resource?Clothing
Which of the following is NOT a prerequisite for the Military Technology Cartography?Ballistics
Which of the following is not a reason why the Renaissance began in Italy?The Black Plague did not hit Italy as a result of the Alps
Which of the following is NOT a suit in poker?Winds
Which of the following is NOT an accurate description of the “Manila galleons”?They were used for enemy reconnaissance
Which of the following is NOT an accurate description of the ancient Kingdom of Kush?It did not possess its own unique language and script
Which of the following is not an objective of Greek mythology?Provide a path for salvation
Which of the following is NOT considered a single-celled organism?Mites
Which of the following is NOT one of Belisarius’s skills?Thunderous Force
Which of the following is NOT one of El Cid’s skills?Chivalry
Which of the following is NOT one of Hermann’s skills?Irresistible
Which of the following is NOT one of Julius Caesar’s skills?Military Life
Which of the following is NOT one of Keira’s skills?Unruly Blood
Which of the following is NOT one of Lohar’s skills?Utter Annihilation
Which of the following is NOT one of Matilda of Flanders’ skills?Celtic Blood
Which of the following is NOT one of Mulan’s skills?Indomitable Army
Which of the following is NOT one of Osman I’s skillsOblique Tactics
Which of the following is NOT one of Pelagius’ passive skills?Charge
Which of the following is not one of the Fates of Norse mythology?Karma
Which of the following is NOT one of the major greenhouse gases in earth’s atmosphere?Nitrogen
Which of the following is NOT part of Mexico’s flag?Camel
Which of the following is the correct description for the stratosphere?It is warm above and cold below
Which of the following is the world’s first national park?Yellowstone National Park
Which of the following is the world’s largest island?Greenland
Which of the following is Zeus’ elder brother in Greek mythology?Poseidon
Which of the following juice is contained in the classic cocktail “Bloody Mary”?Tomato Juice
Which of the following kingdom title descriptions is incorrect?Dukes’ troops have increased attack
Which of the following kingdom title descriptions is incorrect?Prime Ministers’ troops have increased attack
Which of the following marine species has existed the longest?Nautilus
Which of the following musical instruments has six strings?Guitar
Which of the following nations is the closest to the North Pole?Finland
Which of the following penalties may be applied in response to the use of third-party software?Battle restrictions
Which of the following physicists was born on the death anniversary of Galileo Galilei, and died on the birth anniversary of Albert Einstein?Stephen Hawking
Which of the following plants is visible in Mulan and Cao Cao’s background image on the commander screen?Bamboo
Which of the following resources cannot be found in your jeans?Lead
Which of the following rewards CANNOT be obtained from a Barbarian Keep in Rise of Kingdoms?Commander Sculptures
Which of the following serves as the national flower of the Philippines?Sampaguita
Which of the following speeches was made by the Prussian prime Minister Otto von Bismarck in September of 1862?Blood and Iron
Which of the following Speedups are NOT available in Rise of Kingdoms?6-Hour Speedup
Which of the following statements about the Battle of Baideng is untrue?It was a battle between the Tang dynasty and the Xiongnu
Which of the following stories is not one of Grimms’ Fairy Tales?The Little Mermaid
Which of the following technologies precedes “Horsemanship”?Military Discipline
Which of the following vitamins is most helpful for maintaining good vision?Vitamin A
Which of the following was a general during Japan’s Genpei War?Tomoe Gozen
Which of the following was a Knight of the Round Table?Lancelot
Which of the following was a Renaissance intellectual movement in which thinkers studied classical texts and focused on human potential and achievements?Humanism
Which of the following was also known as the Eastern Roman Empire?The Byzantine Empire
Which of the following was an enemy of Richard the Lionheart?Saladin
Which of the following was built at the order of Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal?The Taj Mahal
Which of the following was not a pillar of the Renaissance?Mannerism
Which of the following was NOT essential for a Vizier, the Pharaoh’s most senior civil servant, in ancient Egypt?To have royal blood
Which of the following was praised by his countrymen as Ancient Greece’s best and most honest democratic representatives?Pericles
Which of the following was the highest-ranked medal in the Korean Empire?Order of the Gold Cheok
Which of the following was written by Mary Shelley?Frankenstein
Which of the following were born in the same year as singer Luciano Pavarotti?Elvis Presley
Which of the following will NOT prevent you from entering an Ark of Osiris Battlefield?Activating an Attack Enhancement
Which of the following works is based on the Battle of Roncevaux Pass, fought by Charlemagne and his knights?“The Song of Roland”
Which of the following works was NOT written by the musical maestro Andrew Lloyd Webber?Les Misérables
Which of the following works was written by the French playwright Pierre Corneille?Le Cid
Which of the following works was written by Victor Hugo?The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Which of the scientific bird names was also used to commemorate the wife of Napoleon III, the Empress of France, Eugénie de Montijo?The white-headed fruit dove
Which of the seven wonders of the world were created to cure the new Queen of Babylon’s homesickness?The Hanging Gardens
Which of these achievements is earned from healing 100,000 injured troops in the hospital?Rebuilding
Which of these active skills belongs to Charles Martel?Immortal Shield
Which of these active skills belongs to Charles Martel?Shield of Francia
Which of these airports has runways on a beach?Barra Airport
Which of these alliance officers bestows a Research Speed boost?Counselor
Which of these Alliance Skills increases damage versus barbarians and other neutral units?Unbridled Progress
Which of these ancient Greek philosophers did NOT participate in the discussion on justice in Plato’s Republic?Protagoras
Which of these animated movies was NOT directed by Hayao Miyazaki?Paprika
Which of these areas contains a waterwheel?Alliance Cropland
Which of these artists was NOT a Baroque painter?Vincent van Gogh
Which of these Avatar Frames are available for purchase?Rose Petals
Which of these Avatar Frames can be obtained from the Ceroli Crisis event?Undersea Kingdom
Which of these Blessings immediately inflicts a 10% loss of troop power on your enemy at the start of battle in the “Golden Kingdom” event?Anchor
Which of these boosts work in Expeditions in Rise of Kingdoms?All of them
Which of these boosts work in Sunset Canyon?VIP Level troop capacity
Which of these buildings is NOT one of the New Seven Wonders of the World?The Palace of Versailles
Which of these Byzantine emperors ruled alongside four other emperors at various times only later to be declared Rome’s sole emperor after 63 years in power?Constantine VIII
Which of these Ceroli Chieftains is also called Stormbringer?Torgny
Which of these Ceroli Chieftains is also called the Disaster Bringer?Dekar
Which of these Chinese ethnic groups is known for drinking kumis, a drink made from fermented mare’s milk?Mongols
Which of these circumstances would prevent you from changing civilization?Ongoing troop training in your city
Which of these cities hosted the Olympics in 1900?Paris
Which of these cities in Brazil has hosted the Olympic Games?Rio de Janeiro
Which of these city themes feature balloons?Harvest Cottage
Which of these City Themes offers a special attributes bonus of +5% to Cavalry Attack and -5% to Archer Health?Sower’s Song
Which of these civilizations can increase Archer Defense?Korea
Which of these civilizations can increase their healing speed?France
Which of these civilizations can increase their Hospital Capacity?Byzantium
Which of these commanders carries a bow and arrows as well as a sword?Æthelflæd
Which of these commanders does NOT carry a shield?Charlemagne
Which of these commanders does NOT carry a sword?Theodora
Which of these commanders features snowflakes in their background image?Björn Ironside
Which of these Commanders gets the ability to convert some slain units into severely wounded units when attacking a city?Charlemagne
Which of these commanders has also been called a “Holy Overlord”?El Cid
Which of these commanders has an Attack branch on their Talent tree?Centurion
Which of these commanders has NO whiskers or other facial hair?Alexander the Great
Which of these commanders has the Enchantment active skill?Šárka
Which of these commanders is bald?Ragnar Lodbrok
Which of these commanders is NOT shown wearing a cloak?Mehmed II
Which of these commanders wears a ring on their hand?Queen Tamar of Georgia
Which of these commanders’ Expertise Skill is the enhanced version of an existing skill?Björn Ironside
Which of these commanders’ sculptures can be obtained from opening a chest in the Tavern in Rise of Kingdoms?Charles Martel
Which of these consonants is trilled when pronounced in Italian?r
Which of these countries did NOT participate in the Northern Seven Years’ War (1563-1570)?The United Kingdom
Which of these countries does the Prime Meridian pass through?Mali
Which of these countries has had the most influence on the development of Cuban food?Spain
Which of these countries was NOT a founding member of NATO (in 1949)?Turkey
Which of these creatures was also popularly used as a kind of personal protective talisman in ancient Egypt?Scarabs
Which of these decorations does NOT cost Gems?Sakura Tree
Which of these decorative buildings is also considered an omen of good luck in Chinese culture?Chinese Dragon
Which of these effects is NOT caused by Æthelflæd’s skills?Healing slightly wounded units
Which of these events is NOT part of the Olympic Games?Car racing
Which of these female commanders has been described as “The Georgian Will”?Queen Tamar of Georgia
Which of these female commanders has flowers in their hair?Boudica
Which of these fields is NOT included in the list of Nobel Prizes?Mathematics
Which of these figures of the Seleucid Empire was taken hostage by Rome, subsequently fled Rome, and then returned to seize the throne of their home country?Demetrius I
Which of these foods could the Eastern Han statesman Cao Cao not have eaten?Corn
Which of these fruits appears in the background image for the Commander Imhotep?Banana
Which of these gods of ancient Egypt was also a symbol of royal authority?Horus
Which of these historical figures was NOT a botanist?Dmitry Mendeleev
Which of these holy sites grants a march speed bonus?Sanctum of Wind
Which of these ingredients is used to brew soy sauce?Soybeans
Which of these is a line of Tomoe Gozen?My power scares even the ghosts.
Which of these is a passive skill of Commander Thutmose III?Conquest of Mitanni
Which of these is an incorrect description of the “Battle of Poitiers”?The campaign took place during World War I
Which of these is an incorrect description of the “Mare Imbrium” on the moon?It contains a certain amount of sedimentary water
Which of these is considered to be the seminal work of the French playwright Molière?Tartuffe
Which of these is found in the alliance Golden Chest?1,000 Individual Credits
Which of these is NOT a mail report category?Gathering
Which of these is NOT a passive skill of Commander Minamoto no Yoshitsune?The Worthy Man
Which of these is NOT a type of Japanese wagyuRonguhon Wagyu
Which of these is NOT an Alliance Skill?Rapid March
Which of these is not an ancient civilization of the Americas?The Sumerians
Which of these is not an official song of the 2022 World Cup?Tatu Bom de Bola
Which of these is NOT considered a Shakespearean tragedy?Twelfth Night
Which of these is NOT considered one of the “Five Good Emperors” of the Nerva-Antonine dynasty of ancient Rome?Commodus
Which of these is NOT considered one of the 8 main styles of contemporary Chinese cooking?Huaiyang Cuisine
Which of these is NOT one of Cao Cao’s skills?Battle of Sorrow
Which of these is NOT one of the skills of Ceroli Chieftain Astrid?Flametongue’s Kiss
Which of these is not one of the Three Gorgon Sisters of Grecian myth?Perga
Which of these is NOT one of the Winning Stratagems listed in the ancient Chinese military textbook, the “Thirty-Six Stratagems”?The “empty fort” strategy
Which of these is not part of the Holy Trinity in Christianity?The Mother
Which of these is NOT Zeus’ child in Greek mythology?Hera
Which of these is one of Minamoto no Yoshitsune’s “Active Skills”?Kyohachiryu
Which of these is one of the four fundamental elements of nature according to many ancient Greek philosophers?Wind
Which of these is the most visited art museum in the world in recent years?The Louvre
Which of these is the National Flower of India?Lotus
Which of these is used to rally Alliance troops?Castle
Which of these is Yi Seong-Gye an expert in?Garrisoning
Which of these items can NOT be obtained by defeating barbarians?VIP points
Which of these items can NOT be purchased within the Mysterious Merchant’s Boutique?Passport Page
Which of these items CANNOT be obtained from a Tavern Equipment Chest?60-Minute Training Speedup
Which of these items cannot be obtained from an Equipment Chest?Tomes of Knowledge
Which of these items CANNOT be obtained from the Alliance Stone Chest?Silver Keys
Which of these items contains a helpful record on how an ancient Egyptian can pass into the next world after death?The Book of the Dead
Which of these items may be selected from the Lvl 3 “Pick One” Resource Chest?150,000 Food
Which of these legendary phrases are NOT attributed to Commander El Cid?For honor and empire!
Which of these managers has managed five World Cup teams?Bora Milutinović
Which of these navigators was the first European to arrive in Brazil?Pedro Álvares Cabral
Which of these Nobel Prizes was awarded to Marie Curie in 1903?The Nobel Prize in Physics
Which of these novels is the first ever Japanese work of literary fiction founded on the legend of King Arthur?Kairo-kō
Which of these novels was NOT written by Margaret Atwood?Flowers for Algernon
Which of these organizations has its headquarters in Geneva?UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Which of these plants is NOT available as a decorative building?Peach Tree
Which of these Renaissance-era artists was not from Italy?Shakespeare
Which of these rewards will NOT be awarded to the first place season finisher in Sunset Canyon?Dazzling Starlight Sculpture
Which of these skills belonging to Commander Sun Tzu is enhanced upon Awakening?Art of War
Which of these species of shark is also known as the “Godzilla shark”?Dracopristis hoffmanorum
Which of these stars did not take part in the 2022 World Cup opening ceremony?Shakira
Which of these structures allows scouts and City Defenders to better keep an eye on their surroundings?Watchtower
Which of these technologies can be researched in the Academy to accelerate food gathering on the map?Scythe
Which of these terms was also used by the ancient Egyptians to refer to themselves?The cattle of Ra
Which of these terrain types exerts a slight penalty on troop Defense on the Treasure Hill map in “Champions of Olympia”?Whirlwind
Which of these two were created by Leonardo da Vinci?The Last Supper, Mona Lisa
Which of these unfortunate individuals was the only person ever recorded to suffer from both dwarfism and gigantism?Adam Rainer
Which of these was NOT a common type of garden in ancient Egypt?Public gardens
Which of these was the only commander to defeat Cyrus the Great in battle?Tomyris
Which of these women is NOT considered one of the ‘Four Beauties’ of ancient China?Bao Si
Which of these works of Japanese Monogatari literature describes the legend of “Kaguya-hime”?The Tale of The Bamboo Cutter
Which of these works was NOT written by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche?Commentaries on the Gallic War
Which of these WOULD NOT be a penalty for failing to fully extract all resources from a resource point?Suffering a barbarian attack
Which of these writers is considered representative of absurdism?Albert Camus
Which official measure made it a crime to give Martin Luther food or shelter?Edict of Worms
Which organ of the potato plant do we commonly eat?Stem
Which Paris Saint-Germain player plays Rise of Kingdoms?Marquinhos
Which period of European history, lasting from 1300 to 1600, saw renewed interest in classical culture and led to far-reaching changes in art, learning, and views of the world?The Renaissance
Which Pharaoh constructed the Bent Pyramid?Sneferu
Which Pharaoh issued the edict that appears on the Rosetta Stone?Ptolemy V
Which Pharaoh ordered the construction of the Abu Simbel temples?Ramesses II
Which philosopher said “whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent”?Wittgenstein
Which philosopher wrote “Utopia”?Plato
Which planet in our solar system rotates the fastest?Jupiter
Which poet wrote “Germany. A Winter’s Tale”?Heine
Which Portuguese explorer sailed from the Cape of Good Hope to India?Vasco da Gama
Which Portuguese explorer was the first European to sail to the southern tip of Africa?Bartolomeu Dias
Which privilege is reserved for titled officers (not normal officers)?The ability to check alliance members’ online status
Which prominent statesman served as the first general of the Edo shogunate at the end of Japan’s Warring States period?Tokugawa Ieyasu
Which pyramid is widely considered the only surviving Wonder of the Ancient World still with us today?The Pyramid of Khufu
Which rare animal does the WWF use as its logo?Panda
Which Roman Emperor was named Augustus after ending a civil war?Gaius Octavius
Which school of painting would Georges Seurat be a representative of?Pointillism
Which school of thought was founded by the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu?Taoism
Which scout attribute CANNOT be enhanced by upgrading a Lvl 11 Scout Camp?Number of Scouts
Which script was the Code of Hammurabi engraved onto stone in?Cuneiform
Which sculpture was once described by Mark Twain as the “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world”?The Lion of Lucerne
Which star played in both the 1994 and 2010 World Cup?Rigobert Song
Which star was the oldest player to score a goal in the World Cup?Roger Milla
Which state created the earliest form of paper money?Ancient China
Which state is home to the Walt Disney Company?California
Which state was the first to invent and use papyrus as a writing material?Egypt
Which team has only played a single match in the World Cup?Indonesia
Which team made their World Cup debut in 2022?Qatar
Which team was the only former World Cup winner to fail to qualify for the 2022 World Cup?Italy
Which team won 4th place in the 2018 World Cup?England
Which technology comes right before Heavy Cavalry?Scale Armor
Which technology comes right before Pavise?Bodkin Arrows
Which technology comes right before Swordsman?Iron Working
Which three countries will host the 2026 World Cup?USA, Canada, and Mexico
Which title did Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the International Olympic Committee, hold?Baron
Which tribe claims ownership of the Takra Forest, which must be traversed to reach the Kingdom of Karaku?The Bloodfury clan
Which trio of strikers comes from 3 different countries?Messi, Suarez, Neymar
Which troop type receives a boost from the Hidden Lotus decoration?Cavalry
Which troop types will receive a boost from the Easter Party city theme?Archer
Which two animals symbolically decorated the pschent double crown worn by the Pharaohs?The cobra and vulture
Which two cities does Portugal’s Dom Luís I Bridge connect?Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia
Which two English players scored in the 1966 World Cup Final between England and Germany?Martin Peters & Geoff Hurst
Which two oceans does the Panama Canal connect?The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
Which two sides fought each other in the Battle of Mikatagahara?Takeda Shingen and Tokugawa Ieyasu
Which two teams made their World Cup debuts in 2018?Iceland & Panama
Which type of holy sites grant troop attack bonuses?Flame Altar
Which type of natural disaster is measured using the Richter scale?Earthquake
Which type of stone did the ancient Egyptians extract mainly from the Nile delta?Limestone
Which unit gains a strong benefit from Sun Tzu’s “Master Strategist” skill?Infantry
Which unit type does Cao Cao excel in leading?Cavalry
Which unit type is strong against Archers?Cavalry
Which unit type is strong against Cavalry?Infantry
Which unit type is strong against Infantry?Archers
Which vitamin deficiency can cause night blindness?Vitamin A
Which war ended the rule of the House of Plantagenet and began the rule of the Tudors in England?The Wars of the Roses
Which war was fought between the British houses of Lancaster and York for the throne of England?The Wars of the Roses
Which was a lighthouse built after Macedonia conquered Egypt and was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world?The Lighthouse of Alexandria
Which was the actor Charlie Chaplin’s first ever film?Making a Living
Which were the two construction materials most heavily favored by the ancient Egyptian building industry?Mudbricks and stone
While Gutenberg introduced the printing press in Europe, his invention was influenced by which country, the first to develop a moveable type?China
Who “owns” Easter Island?Chile
Who authored the novel “No Longer Human”?Osamu Dazai
Who authored the tragedy “Medea”?Euripides
Who came out the victor of the “Battle of Hastings”?William the Conqueror
Who came up with the Trojan Horse idea? Who won the Trojan War?Odysseus; The Greeks
Who commanded the New Model Army founded by Parliament during the English Civil War?Cromwell
Who compiled the fairytales that eventually featured in the “Grimms’ Fairy Tales”?The Brothers Grimm
Who conquered the “Kingdom of the Vandals and Alans” in the Vandalic War?Belisarius
Who created the famous sculpture “The Thinker”?Auguste Rodin
Who defeated the Sphinx according to Greek legend?Oedipus
Who designed the “Ottoman Cannon”?Urban
Who designed the current World Cup trophy?Silvio Gazzaniga
Who designed the Djoser, the first ancient pyramid featuring a stepped design?Imhotep
Who did Boudica lead the tribes of Britain in a revolt against?The Holy Roman Empire
Who did France play in the quarterfinals of the 2006 World Cup in Germany?Brazil
Who first implemented the Julian Calendar in Rome?Julius Caesar
Who formed the First Triumvirate with Caesar and Pompey?Crassus
Who founded the “Malacca Sultanate”?Parameswara
Who founded the “Spanish Armada”?Philip II
Who founded the First Persian Empire?Cyrus the Great
Who founded the Joseon Dynasty?Yi Seong-Gye
Who founded the Kingdom of Asturias?Pelagius
Who gave the famous “I Have a Dream” speech?Martin Luther King Jr.
Who holds the record for most goals scored in a single World Cup, at 13 goals?Just Fontaine
Who initiated the first Salt March?Mahatma Gandhi
Who invented the printing press?Johann Gutenberg
Who invented the world’s first full-sized automobile?Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot
Who is considered the “Father of the Modern Olympic Games”?Pierre de Coubertin
Who is responsible for ushering valiant warriors into Valhalla upon death in Norse mythology?Valkyrie
Who is the “god of death” in ancient Greek mythology?Thanatos
Who is the “God of War” in ancient Greek mythology?Ares
Who is the ‘god of love’ in Norse mythology?Freyja
Who is the God of Sleep in ancient Greek mythology?Hypnos
Who is the god of thunder in Norse mythology?Thor
Who is the goddess of the earth in ancient Greek mythology?Gaea
Who is the King of the Kingdom?Leader of the Alliance that conquers the Lost Temple
Who is the mortal enemy of the commander Saladin?Richard I
Who is the mother of Cupid, the baby-faced god of love in Roman mythology?Venus
Who is the north stand at Old Trafford named after?Sir Alex Ferguson
Who is the oldest player to have played in a World Cup match?Essam El Hadary
Who is the only manager to win the World Cup twice as a manager?Vittorio Pozzo
Who is the only player to have played in three consecutive World Cup Finals?Cafu
Who is the patron and protector of Athens in ancient Greek mythology?Athena
Who is the south stand at Old Trafford named after?Sir Bobby Charlton
Who is the youngest player in the 2022 World Cup?Youssoufa Moukoko
Who is the youngest player to have played in a World Cup match?Norman Whiteside
Who killed Hector and how does Achilles die?Achilles; Arrow though his heel
Who kills Odin, the king of the gods, during Ragnarok in Norse mythology?Fenrir
Who led the Kingdom of Prussia in the Seven Years’ War?Frederick II
Who ordered the production of the civil manuscript popularly known as the Domesday Book?William I
Who owned everything in Ancient Egyptian kingdoms?The Pharoah
Who painted “The Last Supper”?Leonardo da Vinci
Who painted the Mona Lisa?Leonardo da Vinci
Who proposed the philosophical idea of “I think, therefore I am”?Descartes
Who scored the famous goal known as the “hand of God”?Diego Maradona
Who was believed to be the prototype of King of Hearts in poker?Charlemagne
Who was called “Napoleon of crime” in some of the Sherlock Holmes stories?Professor Moriarty
Who was Plato’s teacher?Socrates
Who was the author of the History of the Peloponnesian War?Thucydides
Who was the Ceroli Chieftain that originally requested help from governors?Torgny
Who was the Emperor of the First French Empire?Napoleon Bonaparte
Who was the first astronaut to enter outer space?Yuri Gagarin
Who was the first consul of the Roman Republic?Lucius Junius Brutus
Who was the first Emperor of Rome?Gaius Octavius Augustus
Who was the first human woman created by Hephaestus in Greek mythology?Pandora
Who was the first Italian to receive the “Pritzker Architecture Prize”?Aldo Rossi
Who was the first Japanese author to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature?Yasunari Kawabata
Who was the first man to win the World Cup as both a captain and manager?Franz Beckenbauer
Who was the first of Henry VIII’s children to rule England?Edward VI
Who was the first woman to become a military pilot anywhere in the world?Sabiha Gökçen
Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?Marie Curie
Who was the first World Cup mascot?World Cup Willie
Who was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire?Cyrus the Great
Who was the founder of the Edo Bakufu of Japan?Tokugawa Ieyasu
Who was the founder of the Mongolian Empire?Genghis Khan
Who was the last Emperor of All Russia?Nicholas II
Who was the last emperor of the Holy Roman Empire?Francis II
Who was the last female Paraoh of the Ptolemy Dynasty?Cleopatra VII
Who was the leader of the Western Army during the Battle of Sekigahara, which took place during Japan’s Sengoku period?Ishida Mitsunari
Who was the manager that led the German team to the title in the 2014 Brazil World Cup?Joachim Low
Who was the manager that led the West German team to the title in the 1990 World Cup?Franz Beckenbauer
Who was the only King of England to be executed?Charles I
Who was the only US President that served more than 2 terms?Franklin D. Roosevelt
Who was the top goalscorer at the 2002 World Cup held in Korea and Japan?Ronaldo
Who was the victor in the Battle of Tours in 732 CE?Charles Martel
Who were the first mountaineer(s) on record to reach the summit of Mt. Everest?Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hilary
Who won the 1998 FIFA World Cup, held in France?France
Who won the 2019 Women’s World Cup, held in France?The United States
Who won the best young player award at the 2018 World Cup?Kylian Mbappé
Who won the first World Cup?Uruguay
Who won the Golden Ball award in the 2018 World Cup, held in Russia?Luka Modric
Who wrote “Human, All Too Human”?Nietzsche
Who wrote “Les Miserables”?Victor Hugo
Who wrote “The Aeneid”, the first epic poem in Western literature?Virgil
Who wrote “The Symposium”?Plato
Who wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?Lewis Carroll
Who wrote The Art of War?Sun Tzu
Who wrote the opera Carmen?Georges Bizet
Who wrote the well-known book “A Brief History of Time”?Stephen Hawking
Who wrote the well-known book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”?Yuval Noah Harari
Who wrote the well-known science fiction series “Dune”?Frank Herbert
Whose autobiography “Living to Tell the Tale” won them the Nobel Prize in Literature?Gabriel García Márquez
Whose beauty is said to have been the cause of the Trojan War?Helen
Whose poem The Waste Land won them the Nobel Prize in Literature?T.S. Eliot
Whose victory was the orchestral work “1812 Overture” composed to commemorate?Russian Empire
Why are advantageous traits more likely to be passed onto offspring?Because they are more likely to survive and reproduce
Why do frogs and other organism produce so many eggs/offspring?The more offspring produced the more likely they will survive
Why does drinking coffee make people feel more awake?It contains caffeine
Why was British nurse Florence Nightingale known as “The Lady with the Lamp”?She would inspect patients at night
Why was scurvy once a common problem for sailors?A lack of fresh fruit and vegetables on long voyages
Why was the Dead Sea given this name?The high-saline water prevents plants and animals from thriving near it
Why were the bow and stern of Viking longboats designed to be symmetrical?To reverse direction quickly without a turn around
With whom did Minamoto no Yoshitsune raise an army to fight Taira no Kiyomori?Minamoto no Yoritomo
Without using buffs, how many Action Points can a Governor have?1,000
Work on which of these cathedrals began in Copenhagen in 1877?St. Paul’s Church
You can help your allies build/upgrade buildings, research technologies, and heal troops. But how much does each help action fill the progress bar?0.01
Zhu Geliang had no involvement in which of the following incidents recounted in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?Yellow Turban Rebellion

Nah itu tadi beberapa pertanyaan dan jawaban yang bisa kamu gunakan ketika sedang mengikuti event peerless scholar RoK. Jika ada pertanyaan jangan ragu untuk meninggalkan komentar dan jangan lupa untuk membagikan.

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