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Marketing Plan Ourcitrus For quick income can be doubled

Marketing Plan Ourcitrus is a guide for those who want to get a QUICK income due to daily paid BONUSES, follow these instructions.

This time I want to share information for those of you who want to earn extra income, from a business that can be done quite from home or via online via Facebook or Instagram.

If you've ever joined the network business is no stranger with the term Marketing Plan, but many are disappointed because the system that is run from some business model is convoluted.

Another thing that makes desperate is the bonus disbursement is done monthly instead of daily, well on this occasion I got new business information that will boom in 2020, that is Ourcitrus.

Marketing Plan Ourcitrus will help you in building a network business that always pays a daily bonus.

But do not hurry to join soon, if you have not understood the following system for a faster success.

In this website I share tips and tricks to quickly get big BONUSES in the easiest way, so be sure to read out.

What is Ourcitrus?

Ourcitrus is Indonesia's original network business, which has cosmetic products, health and beauty nutrition with the best quality under PT Gemilang Citrus Berjaya.

The company is headquartered in Sidoarjo, East Java under the auspices of PT. Resounding Citrus Berjaya, besides you do not have to hesitate because the company has also had clear legality.

The company produces many health, cosmetic and fashion products in their own factories, so no more imported products from abroad.

Well to be clearer should read the profile of the following Ourcitrus company.

Ourcitrus profile

  • Company Name: PT. The most successful
  • Trademark: Ourcitrus
  • Business scope: Cosmetics, nutrition and Fashion products
  • Stand: March 1, 2018
  • Pre Launching: 15 July 2019
  • SIUPL Number: 8/SIPT/SIUPL/01/2020
  • Headquarters: Mutiara Regency Blok A1/55, Sidoarjo, East Java
  • Bank: BCA A/n PT. Resounding Citrus Berjaya, No Rek: 0184078909
  • AP2LI No.: 43/AP2LI/DN/VIII/2019
  • Factory: Own

Well that's the company profile of Ourcitrus, so this time you no longer need about the legality of companies and licensing.

Is this your current by wanting?

  • Debt-free?
  • Own a business?
  • Travelling abroad?
  • Happy parents?
  • Have a new home and car?
  • Umrah & Hajj with the family?
  • Enjoying a quiet retirement period?
  • Providing the best education in children?
  • Or do you have more difficult dreams to accomplish?

If "YES"….. Read this information until the end, because the 5 minutes you spend today is probably that will change your life better in the future.

The Ourcitrus Bonus you'll get

1. Double Mega Match Bonus 200%

Double Mega Match Bonus 200%, bonus of Rp. 100,000 new ascetics growing in your business Generation network, calculated daily, without the need to wait for a liquid bonus every month.

The Bonus is DMM200%, which has been boosting the bonus member in a short time and can be withdrawn immediately.

Well to understand and quickly get the Double Mega Match Bonus 200% This please consult the leader of Ourcitrus Jogja with the support of Ourcitrus Infinity.

2. Sponsor Bonus

The Ourcitrus sponsorship bonus is the bonus you will get when you successfully recruit a new business partner. How many sponsorship bonuses will you get, when you successfully recruit a new partner?

  • Sponsor Bonus If partner joins Basic package: Rp. 50,000
  • Sponsor Bonus If the partner joins the Ultimate package: Rp. 150,000
  • Sponsor Bonus If partner joins Professional package: Rp. 350,000


  • Sponsor bonus is a daily bonus
  • Recruiting new business partners is no limit and as many as
  • Quickly recruit at least 2 new business partners when you join.

For more details see the following picture to understand the sponsorship Bonus.

Ourcitrus Sponsor Bonus

3. Couple bonuses

The Ourcitrus pair Bonus will get you when the turnover occurs from your left foot and right foot on your network.

Here are the Bonus pairs that you will get when the turnover balance occurs on both of your feet.

  • Basic: 10 pairs per day or Rp. 500,000/day
  • Ultimate: 30 pairs per day or Rp. 1.5 million/day
  • Professional: 70 pairs per day or Rp. 3.5 million/day


  • Bonus pairs will appear when there is additional turnover or addition of new members on the Small foot network.
  • The bonus size is Rp. 50,000 per pair and calculated without depth limit
  • Residual turnover on big legs waits indefinitely
  • Daily bonuses will be calculated and paid daily

For more details please see the following screenshot:

Well, with this pair of bonuses that will help increase your revenue when running this business.

If you are confused about the bonus pair can consult through WhatsApp below.

But not only because there are other bonuses, that is the Unilevel bonus, reward & rewards that certainly make you more profitable, see the next page.

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