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Marketing Plan Ourcitrus For quick income can be doubled

4. Unilevel Bonus

The bonus UniLevel plan is a bonus that will earn Rp. 20,000 Asics that are counted to a depth of 10 generation levels.

The calculation of this unilevel plan bonus is calculated based on the turnover of Automaintain group generation.

  • Shopping Automaintain each member is Rp. 350,000 per month, automatically set aside from the daily bonus of 10%.
  • If the Automaintain saving has not reached Rp. 350,000 that month, then business partners can do a top up to meet the shortage of
  • Sayart get a unilevel plan bonus is shopping Automaintain Ada has reached Rp. 350,000 in the month
  • Bonus is paid on the 7th of the next month

If you are confused about the Unilevel Ourcitrus Bonus can consult free via Whatsapp.

5. Reward & Rewards

It's not just a Bonus, but you'll also get an attractive reward as a tribute to your hard work as follows:

  • HP worth Rp. 1.5 million + products worth Rp. 1.2 million
  • Honda Beat motorcycle Worth Rp. 15 million
  • The Umrah/European Tour worth Rp. 40 million
  • Daihatsu Ayla car Worth Rp. 125 million
  • Savings of Rp. 200 million
  • Savings of Rp. 2 billion

How to List Ourcitrus

If you are interested in immediately joining the Outrcitrus business, you can follow these steps:

  • Select the membership package below
    • Basic Package: Rp. 600,000
    • Ultimate Package: Rp. 1.8 million
    • Professional package: Rp. 4.2 million
  • Then contact Top Leader via Whatsapp
  • Make an appointment meet to consult and get support from Ourcitrus Infinity.

Ourcitrus Membership Package Details

Basic PackageUltimate PackageProfessional Package
RP. 600,000RP. 1.8 millionRP. 4.2 million
Get 1 Product package worth Rp 600,000 freely selectGet 3 Product packages worth Rp 1.8 million freeGet 7 Product packages worth Rp 4.2 million free
Flush Out 10 pairs/dayFlush Out 30 Pairs/dayFlush Out 70 Pairs/day
Getting Website ReplicasGetting Website ReplicasGetting Website Replicas
Guidance WA Group SupportGuidance WA Group SupportGuidance WA Group Support
Auto SpilloverAuto SpilloverAuto Spillover
Note: Registration package can be upgraded at any time indefinitely

Immediately REGISTER now! Before many people join and shift your chances of being suskses early.

Wait no more do not waste this opportunity, because it could be this good opportunity does not come both times. Please register through WhatsApp below.

Ourcitrus Products

Here are some products that you can choose from, either for personal consumption or for resale.

Cosmetic Products

  • Beautiful Lip Matte Ourcitrus
  • Bio Essence Day
  • Skin OC + BB Cushion

Body Care Products

  • Bea Ultimate Hair Care
  • Ultimate Duty Body Treatment
  • Fixup Series


  • Natural Fragrance Sweet Escape
  • Aquafire Natural Perfume
  • Perfume Natural Divinity

Nutritional Products

  • TWA Voira
  • GCS Revivar
  • SPK Banelo
  • ACB Cardiavas
  • MED Virginia
  • RCC Coffee
  • MPA Propolis

To see details about the products provided, you can read them on the Ourcitrus products page.

Ourcitrus Jogja-Central Java

Julya Nasution: 081215230069

Ourcitrus Jogja will assist you, if you live in Jogja, Solo, Semarang, Magelang, Klaten, Purworejo, Kendal, Temanggung, Kebumen and surrounding areas.

Here are the Ourcitrus leaders in Jogja that you can contact for more information.

Julya Nasution Ourcitrus Jogja, Whatsapp number: 081215230069

Ourcitrus Jogja Rapid Service Area with Mba Julya to consult about the product or about the Marketing Plan so that you can be more quickly succeed together.

You will get support from Ourcitrus Infinity which is a support system that is easy to adopt and fast in helping to succeed.

Outdoor service Area

  • Jogja includes Sleman, Bantul, Kulonprogo, Gunung Kidul
  • Klaten
  • Sukoharjo
  • Solo/Surakarta
  • Boyolali
  • Sragen
  • Magelang
  • Temanggung
  • Wonosobo
  • Ambarawa
  • Semarang, Ungaran
  • Kendal
  • Kebumen
  • Purworejo
  • Bumiayu
  • Tegal
  • Gombong
  • And other areas

Business consultation for Ourcitrus Jogja and Central Java

  • Call your phone number/WhatsApp Julya (Jogja-Jateng)
  • Create an appointment to set the date and place
  • Prepare with your team to be more efficient

FAQ about Ourcitrus

  1. Apa itu Ourcitrus ?

    Ourcitrus adalah bisnis jaringan asli Indonesia yang memiliki produk-produk kosmetik, nutrisi kesehatan dan kecantikan dengan kualitas terbaik dibawah PT Gemilang Citrus Berjaya

  2. Cara daftar member ourcitrus ?

    Silakan hubungi leader terdekat Anda melalui telpon atau whatsapp : Julya Nasution : u003cemu003e081215230069u003c/emu003e

  3. Produk Ourcitrus apa saja ?

    Produk kosmetik, body care, parfum, nutrisi dan masih banyak lainnya

  4. Apa itu Ourcitrus propolis ?

    Nutrisi tetes lebah madu propolis anise

  5. Apa itu Ourcitrus Infinity ?

    Ourcitrus Infinity adalah support system resmi bisnis u003cemu003eOurcitrusu003c/emu003e yang dibangun untuk membantu memudahkan seluruh member meraih sukses lebih cepat

  6. Berapa Harga Produk Ourcitrus ?

    Harga produk ourcitrus bermacam-macam mulai dari Rp. 30.000 untuk katalog lengkap dan daftar harga silakan hubungi Julya : u003cemu003e081215230069u003c/emu003e

If you have questions can directly comment or contact via WhatsApp above for more details.

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